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Interesting Links for 16-8-2011

  • 16th Aug, 2011 at 4:02 PM
Webstuff, Internet
Collected links from around the webAutomatically posted from Delicious using [personal profile] matgbs updated Delicious Glue script.
comments on the original post on Dreamwidth. I'd prefer it if you comment there[1] if you are able to keep the discussion together. [1] If you are reading this, you very likely have an OpenID.

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I'm Mat Bowles, a Devonshire lad displaced to Yorkshire. I work at the local school, do some work online, campaign on issues I care about locally and nationally, and look after the house and family.

This is a backup of my personal journal where I write about or link to whatever I've found that amused, intrigued or enraged me at the time. I'm a committed liberal, feminist and atheist, but I really like it when people can demonstrate I'm wrong, and have close friends with whom I completely disagree on some if not all of those points.

There probably ought to be a Creative Commons licence in here somewhere but in the meantime consider this permission to quote me (link) & link to what I write.

If you decide to keep reading, please do say hello, let me know where you found me from, etc.

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